The age of information that is what this century has been termed. Ironically the people who deal most with information the librarians are facing a high rate of unemployment. Everywhere librarians go the centres are fully staffed with unqualified people who feel too threatened by today’s librarians to give them a chance.

The requirements to become a librarian are now out of this world “5 years experience, must be from an ALA accredited university” when you meet all these requirements the people in charge feel threatened and make sure that you are never given a chance. So in the end people in charge a re not qualified and are too afraid of changes to modern ways. This is why librarianship as a profession ends up being a laughing stock leading to people mocking this noble profession.

It seems librarians have the crab mentality that as soon as they see other fellow librarians succeeding the y rush to pull each other down. Other professions have become popular among the society not because they do great thing but because they hire the best and can adjust to change. This way new ideas which are suited to the society are produced and realised bringing glory to the profession.

However due to the crab mentality which is common among librarians of our age our profession we shall never get the respect we deserve. As librarians l want us to ask ourselves this question when will l stop defending my profession to the rest of the world? Am l willing to do my best to make this profession recognised?


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I am passionate about library science and technology. l think that information is the key to everything. Also l am a HUGE NERD and l think nerds rock.