Gambling vs librarianship who wins?

After asking a number of my peers who are in their twenties what their dream job might be l was shocked to receive that answer that they would rather work in a casino because and l quote “all the excitement and money what is better than that.” So very few of you may be not be surprised at how much they laughed at my face for suggesting librarianship. This blog gives me a chance to fully defend my answer by showing the more exciting side of librarianship.

Recently reading through the other blogs l have discovered that librarianship is diverse and there are so many careers one can pursue in librarianship. There are adventurous careers like being a cruise ship librarian travelling on the salty waters and meeting new and diverse people every trip. it also gives an opportunity for the librarian to learn new languages and can you imagine the kind of stories there are able to tell their friends and family. I personally would not mind getting a chance to be a cruise ship librarian.

We have the book bus librarians who travel across cities seeing the world again and getting to experience new environments. This kind of librarianship is not for me because l get heavily car sick but l think it will be a great opportunity for those who still want to travel but are not willing to go to far from home.

I have always admired research librarians. Just imagining the kind of information they can share from the top of their heads has always been an inspiration tome. I love being a Know-it-all but that title should go to the research librarians who get the chance to share their knowledge.

So again l ask what is better librarianship or gambling. Gambling might give you joy for a short-lived time while librarianship will give you a chance to enjoy travelling while getting a steady pay. Very few old people work at the casinos the older you get the higher the risk of you getting fired from your job which does not occur in libraries. And if nothing at all has convinced you just think of the health benefits and your pension fund waiting for you.

This blog is directed to all those people who think librarianship is boring to rethink again because very few careers give you a chance to take your whole office and the staff on the road so that you can work as you admire the scenery.


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  1. What you are saying is very true…people prefer short lived happiness compared to working hard and securing their future till retirement.


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