I am sorry everyone for disappearing for such a long time. Working in a library is really time-consuming l have just been so busy. This month l want to start fulfilling my new year’s resolution of updating this blog twice a week. We are all guilty of always pushing our resolutions aside but this year l am actually going to try to fulfil my resolutions.

When most people hear about studying out of the country they watch a bunch of movies about universities in UK and think it will be drinking and dancing for the whole four years.b

Then reality bites you when you try to find a place and you start to hear about the money needed. Money for fees, accommodation and surprisingly enough even heat. Fear not help has arrived in the form of scholarships.schol

Then back to business today l want to write about this great expo l attended. A number of representatives from Universities in Britain came to Zimbabwe and answered questions people had about studying in the UK. Exciting stuff right well l have a gazillion pamphlets from universities all over Britain. welcomeTo quote Sam the director of British Council London is not Britain there are great universities outside London And l actually had an opportunity to hear more about these universities.

So if you are interested and staying in Zimbabwe and you want to study in London feel free to ask and l can email you my pamphlets “sharing is caring” and l am all about the care. You can drop a line at your nearest library and ask about going to University and they shall provide answers for you that you may need.

There a number of agents in Zimbabwe who are willing to help you with your application and even a higher number of placement agents who will be able to help you with your visa finding affordable accommodation and any queries you might have about studying in the UK.agent If you are one of those (Do It Yourself) DIY people you can go on-line select the university you want and they will get back to you and help with the application process.

So next time will be comparing the benefits of studying in UK to those of studying in Zimbabwe and let me warn you all l shall not be pulling any punches.


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