Librarianship is a male dominated industry: FACT

womenHonestly when l chose librarianship the honest truth is l did not want to do what everyone in our family had already done. I chose librarianship because most people l know looked down on the profession and my friends at high school laughed because they thought librarianship is done by those not academically gifted. I chose librarianship because when l thought critically about it l thought l was cleverer than the rest because the fewer we are in the profession the higher the chances of getting a good job with very little competition. Thus l entered into this profession to become a female librarian.woma

As much as most people may deny it librarianship is a male dominated industry. It is the males with the highest positions of power and who get to make the tough decisions while we weak and delicate females are put on the front desk to deal with the patrons. Though we may be many in numbers there is a glass ceiling which limits our promotion to the top positions. The males are given the challenging tasks and women are sidelined. 

The ironic thing is that males are not the culprits this time it is us females. Have a problem with operating the computers ask any male colleague to fix it for you. You are not sure about a decision to make again ask your male

However, now you are having problems with the flower arrangement call the female colleague. There is a child misbehaving again call the female colleague. Just because l can arrange flowers does not mean that l am not capable of handling the technical stuff.

That is the major reason l remain a librarian so that l can challenge the status quo. I became a librarian because l know that l will be able to bring glory to be a female librarian. I became a female librarian not because l am some kind of feminist or l am a control freak but because l want to make a difference and l believe in myself enough to know that l can.  That is why we need to stand together and reclaim our power.wom


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I am passionate about library science and technology. l think that information is the key to everything. Also l am a HUGE NERD and l think nerds rock.

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    1. Thank you for the comment. The future is in our hands we decide how we want to shape the future so that we become the women who arrange flowers yet are able to fix computers.


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