Ummmmm By the way who are you?

Sometimes you work for so many years in a workplace and by the time you are done and are retiring your boss still does not know your name. Your colleagues are still calling you by the wrong name. Believe me l know how it feels. For the first few months in my job my boss called me Teclar and because he was the boss l could not correct him. However these are the subtle ways to stop being the invisible man.

  • Ask something personal

Don’t be creepy and start asking about where they leave. Just casually introduce a conversation then ask if they own a pet. Start small.

  • Do a randomly nice thing for the person next to you  kind act

Do something nice for the person who works next to you. It might be helping them carry a bag or a nice compliment about an observation they made. Believe me it works wonders.

  • Ask after a loved one

You can ask about the welfare of their family or daughter. If you are not too sure do not assume, you might end up stepping on an emotional bomb.

  • Share a joke

You don’t need to tell them jokes everyday. Just something you have heard which is funny but not too offensive. Offensive jokes are not a risk you want to take.

  • Share a personal story

telling someone a little about your story achieves wonders. You might find you have a lot in common which you never knew about.sympathy

It might seem small but l promise people will know your name. I am looking for writers for my blog if you are interested you can follow my blog at

Don’t be afraid to comment l can take criticism from the best. Though l don’t mind compliments. Make an impression by developing your career.

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