Popular people are those able to identify a trend before it becomes to common. The only way to identify the latest trend is by being able to recognise the coolest things and nothing will ever be cooler than movies. Read and learn people.SO recently, while l was relaxing at home a friend felt pity for me and provided me with a dose of my favourite medicine. Yes TV l am a total couch potato. Seriously, as soon as l get home from the library l become a zombie for the TV. Believe me l know its not healthy but it can’t get any worse since l am already wearing glasses.sup

So watching supernatural which is now in season ten mind you gets me thinking on what the characteristics of a great series are.

It must have cliff hangers

Yes l am just a librarian what do l know about movie productions but believe me buddy l have watched enough movies to be able to tell you that everyone loves cliff hangers. Look at the series The Blacklist. It is very exciting and leaves you begging for more. Why? because you never know what Reddington will do and how Liz will react. Cliff hangers give us a chance to discuss what may happen and why.bla

It should take risks

Yes do not be afraid to remove anyone close to the main actor it leaves people guessing and curious for more. Lets take a look at Teen wolf they did not hesitate in removing Alison which l must admit blind sided me for a bit Sorry for the spoiler alert for those who have not watched season 3. I am not saying they must go crazy and remove Stiles because l will personally protest against it. How many of you will join the protest with me.ten

It should have a theme

Yes you need yo chose a genre. You cannot always be on the fence. Its either you are a comedy or a horror movie. If you try to be both you end up crashing like the infamous movie Scary movie 1 to 3. I really do not understand why they made so many series of it. The first movie was enough torture the only reason l managed to finish it all was because l was too lazy to change the channel. I have already agreed l am a couch potato.

Get attractive people

Does it sound vain and shallow yes of course, but it is true a movie or series that has attractive people will get a lot of views. Why do you think movie houses advertise posters. Yes to draw in the crowd. The film might be really boring but if we can admire the muscles, well l definitely would be back for more. Yes even men must agree that if the women are beautiful they would watch.thief

So for all those who are producers in the making or wondering how to make a killer series just follow these easy steps. Believe me once you get us the couch potatoes hooked you are set for life. relax

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Wow twitter is just so addictive. Women should not go on twitter. As the people who support the community the world would come to a stop just because we keep on tweeting every five seconds. Let me tell on my first day in twitter l was really non-productive. I literally could not stop myself from going to check who is following me and all the tweets that were pouring in.mw

Hello people this librarian is officially in the 21st century. I finally joined twitter after years and years of resistance the pressure has finally forced me to cave.

I pride myself in being a laggard. Yep l am one of the few people who still use a phone with buttons. It might seem impossible to you because you think those phones are now more extinct than dinosaurs but there you have it.dinasour

So then l have recently started on twitter and let me tell you its marvellous. I am like one of those boring twitter friends who update every five things about the most boring things but it is fun.

To those who still have not yet caved in continue the fight on my behalf l am weak and have fallen into temptation. Please tell me how long you have resisted this fight l am curious to find out if anyone has broken my record it is FIVE years people.friends

To those who caved in well l say if you can’t beat them join them l am now on your side my brothers and sisters. Since we are now on the dark side we might as well have some fun. Catch me on the flip side at @BloggingTheo Please women be strong twitter is not a place for the weak.

To everyone else complete the polls and lets have some fun. mistake

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Hello people. Stumbling around the internet l came across this amazing thing called a blog hop. I am sure some people know about these blog parties where a number of people complete a challenge and after a set period of time vote and chose the winner.

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First day in a library


Wow my first day at work was so not what l expected. You hear stories of people who get so overworked they simple fall into bed and we all think that is the norm. In reality the first day at work is like the first day at school looking around with wide eyes as you try to find and asses your position within the hierarchy. Will you be the popular one the name your boss will remember at the end of the day or are you the mousey one who everyone constantly asks the name because it is too complicated to remember and no one really seems to care.

So my first day at work was the worst. I am not a people pleaser by nature l am the type that sits by the corner and makes sarcastic remarks about everyone. So for once l had to bite my tongue smile and laugh all day long so exhausting. But working in a library is a very exciting adventure for me you never know who you will meet and what that will say so it brings a different kind of excitement in my life. My first day in the library opened my eyes to another world l never knew existed and cannot wait to explore.


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Betrayal is like an induction test you need to get into the exclusive world of business. It separates the boys from the men and girls from women. Yes everybody this is a test you need to pass and l am providing you with the cheat sheet with all the answers. Even we librarians face this test from time to time.

Have you ever been deeply betrayed by a colleague who used you as a stepping stone to success. Then let me guess you then went around o your friends in the office ranting about the unfairness of it all and painting yourself as a victim of malicious sabotage. Well my friend you are not alone. As much as people always tell us to be prepared for the worst in business but we never are. So now let us discuss the best ways to deal with such an act.


I understand most people might think this is easy as you are simple trying to express your anger but you are forgetting one significant detail the offender also views himself as an innocent who was forced by circumstances. So in this situation instead of being angry and shouting try and explain it to them how angry their actions made you. Yes people talking over stuff is not something only reserved for women? Even though it might not achieve much it relieves the anger in you.


Yes if something this bad happened to you, you are given a free ticket which allows you to sulk but only for a day. You do not want to destroy all your friendships by holding grudges and refusing to talk. There is a thin line between being angry and being immature do not cross it. Give yourself a couple of hours to blame the offender for all the bad things that are happening into your life and how you want to make them suffer. That brings us to point number 5.

Plan the most elaborate revenge plots

No one said you have to mature about but remember plan it do not implement it. Think of the most complicated plan which will cost a lot of money and include even celebrities like Sylvester Stallone to say in his amazing accent that revenge is a dish best served cold. You are even allowed to form an evil laugh and cackle to yourself for the whole day. Remember just one day do not exceed that.sylvester Funny Sylvester Stallone MEME

Forgive Them

This is the final and most crucial step FORGIVENESS. Yes even though they do not deserve it and will most likely do it again just forgive them. Remember you are not doing it for them but for you. Release that grudge so that it stops being your problem and weighing you down. That is the only way you can make it in business.

Get betrayed, follow these steps then and most importantly let it go. Yes as hard as it may be if you don’t let it go you are only hurting yourself. Most importantly remember what does not kill you only makes you stronger.strong

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Looking at my family as we tried to kill a chicken for dinner got me thinking. This is an activity done by people all over the world which can in some very distant way be related to how we behave. Yes people this is a legitimate question how do you kill a chicken. Some choose to cut the head of with a knife, some prefer to strangle it first then cut of the head, and some even prefer to knock it out first hen cut the head off. Then we have those who cannot bear to kill the chicken yet love the tasty meat. So now you are wondering what this librarian is going on about who cares how you kill a chicken it’s the results that count, right. NO! How you kill a chicken matters to how you resolve the problem.mmh nowathome.wordpress.com

Let us talk about xenophobia a burning topic these days. What is the definition of xenophobia? Check in your newspaper, ask a friend even look it up on Facebook of all places.  Xenophobia is a cruel act which most people consider inhuman. It’s the senseless killing that will eventually graduate to genocides which always end up with wars and suffering for all countries involved. I will not harp on about xenophobia because believe me l have a lot to say on the topic but instead let us think about how certain kinds of people will attempt to solve the problem. It all comes back to my chicken theory

We have group A those who prefer to cut the head off with a knife. I agree the method is fast and effective. This group most probable will suggest that they as a community forma team which will stop these barbarians in their tracks. How do you stop an angry man yes the final way which is through death. Thus armed with their rifles and machine guns this group will literally bring an end to this attack. Ruthless most people might say but who am l to judge.win

Then we have group B those who prefer to strangle the chicken first then cut off the head. No mess no fuss right you won’t have to struggle holding the chicken down would you? These will suggest an ambush of the leaders of the group away from the crowded areas then kill them all. Obviously the mob without a leader will turn on each other which will lead to an inevitable end to xenophobia. That is one way to end it right. www.quotesfrenzy.com

The third group knocks out the chicken using the handle of the knife then kills it. These will suggest that the group be doused by sleeping gas then the leaders are chosen and executed while the rest will be sent to prison or fined heavily. The whole group receives punishment but according to their level of participation. Most people will agree with this judgement and peace shall once more reign on the country.

Finally we have those who like the chicken but cannot bring themselves to kill it. This is those who are forcing the government to take action and put an end to this hooligan behaviour. Those who crave the peace but are not willing to get out of their comfort zones and grab it. Those who watch every night from the safety of their houses looking at the screens of their televisions and tablets to see what is happening. It is those who share the gruesome videos and send angry messages to their friends about how they hate what is happening.relax www.search-best-cartoon.com

I admit l am one of those who like the chicken but cannot bear to kill it what kind of a chicken murderer are you. The next time you think of chicken for dinner ask yourself what kind are you.

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