Looking at my family as we tried to kill a chicken for dinner got me thinking. This is an activity done by people all over the world which can in some very distant way be related to how we behave. Yes people this is a legitimate question how do you kill a chicken. Some choose to cut the head of with a knife, some prefer to strangle it first then cut of the head, and some even prefer to knock it out first hen cut the head off. Then we have those who cannot bear to kill the chicken yet love the tasty meat. So now you are wondering what this librarian is going on about who cares how you kill a chicken it’s the results that count, right. NO! How you kill a chicken matters to how you resolve the problem.mmh

Let us talk about xenophobia a burning topic these days. What is the definition of xenophobia? Check in your newspaper, ask a friend even look it up on Facebook of all places.  Xenophobia is a cruel act which most people consider inhuman. It’s the senseless killing that will eventually graduate to genocides which always end up with wars and suffering for all countries involved. I will not harp on about xenophobia because believe me l have a lot to say on the topic but instead let us think about how certain kinds of people will attempt to solve the problem. It all comes back to my chicken theory

We have group A those who prefer to cut the head off with a knife. I agree the method is fast and effective. This group most probable will suggest that they as a community forma team which will stop these barbarians in their tracks. How do you stop an angry man yes the final way which is through death. Thus armed with their rifles and machine guns this group will literally bring an end to this attack. Ruthless most people might say but who am l to

Then we have group B those who prefer to strangle the chicken first then cut off the head. No mess no fuss right you won’t have to struggle holding the chicken down would you? These will suggest an ambush of the leaders of the group away from the crowded areas then kill them all. Obviously the mob without a leader will turn on each other which will lead to an inevitable end to xenophobia. That is one way to end it right.

The third group knocks out the chicken using the handle of the knife then kills it. These will suggest that the group be doused by sleeping gas then the leaders are chosen and executed while the rest will be sent to prison or fined heavily. The whole group receives punishment but according to their level of participation. Most people will agree with this judgement and peace shall once more reign on the country.

Finally we have those who like the chicken but cannot bring themselves to kill it. This is those who are forcing the government to take action and put an end to this hooligan behaviour. Those who crave the peace but are not willing to get out of their comfort zones and grab it. Those who watch every night from the safety of their houses looking at the screens of their televisions and tablets to see what is happening. It is those who share the gruesome videos and send angry messages to their friends about how they hate what is happening.relax

I admit l am one of those who like the chicken but cannot bear to kill it what kind of a chicken murderer are you. The next time you think of chicken for dinner ask yourself what kind are you.

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