Betrayal is like an induction test you need to get into the exclusive world of business. It separates the boys from the men and girls from women. Yes everybody this is a test you need to pass and l am providing you with the cheat sheet with all the answers. Even we librarians face this test from time to time.

Have you ever been deeply betrayed by a colleague who used you as a stepping stone to success. Then let me guess you then went around o your friends in the office ranting about the unfairness of it all and painting yourself as a victim of malicious sabotage. Well my friend you are not alone. As much as people always tell us to be prepared for the worst in business but we never are. So now let us discuss the best ways to deal with such an act.


I understand most people might think this is easy as you are simple trying to express your anger but you are forgetting one significant detail the offender also views himself as an innocent who was forced by circumstances. So in this situation instead of being angry and shouting try and explain it to them how angry their actions made you. Yes people talking over stuff is not something only reserved for women? Even though it might not achieve much it relieves the anger in you.


Yes if something this bad happened to you, you are given a free ticket which allows you to sulk but only for a day. You do not want to destroy all your friendships by holding grudges and refusing to talk. There is a thin line between being angry and being immature do not cross it. Give yourself a couple of hours to blame the offender for all the bad things that are happening into your life and how you want to make them suffer. That brings us to point number 5.

Plan the most elaborate revenge plots

No one said you have to mature about but remember plan it do not implement it. Think of the most complicated plan which will cost a lot of money and include even celebrities like Sylvester Stallone to say in his amazing accent that revenge is a dish best served cold. You are even allowed to form an evil laugh and cackle to yourself for the whole day. Remember just one day do not exceed that.sylvester Funny Sylvester Stallone MEME

Forgive Them

This is the final and most crucial step FORGIVENESS. Yes even though they do not deserve it and will most likely do it again just forgive them. Remember you are not doing it for them but for you. Release that grudge so that it stops being your problem and weighing you down. That is the only way you can make it in business.

Get betrayed, follow these steps then and most importantly let it go. Yes as hard as it may be if you don’t let it go you are only hurting yourself. Most importantly remember what does not kill you only makes you stronger.strong

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