Popular people are those able to identify a trend before it becomes to common. The only way to identify the latest trend is by being able to recognise the coolest things and nothing will ever be cooler than movies. Read and learn people.SO recently, while l was relaxing at home a friend felt pity for me and provided me with a dose of my favourite medicine. Yes TV l am a total couch potato. Seriously, as soon as l get home from the library l become a zombie for the TV. Believe me l know its not healthy but it can’t get any worse since l am already wearing glasses.sup

So watching supernatural which is now in season ten mind you gets me thinking on what the characteristics of a great series are.

It must have cliff hangers

Yes l am just a librarian what do l know about movie productions but believe me buddy l have watched enough movies to be able to tell you that everyone loves cliff hangers. Look at the series The Blacklist. It is very exciting and leaves you begging for more. Why? because you never know what Reddington will do and how Liz will react. Cliff hangers give us a chance to discuss what may happen and why.bla

It should take risks

Yes do not be afraid to remove anyone close to the main actor it leaves people guessing and curious for more. Lets take a look at Teen wolf they did not hesitate in removing Alison which l must admit blind sided me for a bit Sorry for the spoiler alert for those who have not watched season 3. I am not saying they must go crazy and remove Stiles because l will personally protest against it. How many of you will join the protest with me.ten

It should have a theme

Yes you need yo chose a genre. You cannot always be on the fence. Its either you are a comedy or a horror movie. If you try to be both you end up crashing like the infamous movie Scary movie 1 to 3. I really do not understand why they made so many series of it. The first movie was enough torture the only reason l managed to finish it all was because l was too lazy to change the channel. I have already agreed l am a couch potato.

Get attractive people

Does it sound vain and shallow yes of course, but it is true a movie or series that has attractive people will get a lot of views. Why do you think movie houses advertise posters. Yes to draw in the crowd. The film might be really boring but if we can admire the muscles, well l definitely would be back for more. Yes even men must agree that if the women are beautiful they would watch.thief

So for all those who are producers in the making or wondering how to make a killer series just follow these easy steps. Believe me once you get us the couch potatoes hooked you are set for life. relax

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I am passionate about library science and technology. l think that information is the key to everything. Also l am a HUGE NERD and l think nerds rock.

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