technophobia and librarianship the new dating couple

Three people walk into a club a librarian a pastor and a drunk……… that’s how there always start these jokes.

I don,t know about libraries all over the world but l think librarianship is the new place where laggards and haters of technology hang around. Libraries don’t want to embrace the pride found in other professions. We do not want to upgrade our areas and profession we are content being the subjects of sick perverted jokes and as threats to kids that if you fail you are might end up stuck as a librarian.

We need to glam up our profession and make it cool and hip. We should be the go to guys for everything cool and hip in technology. We the librarians should be the ones spotted with newest and flashiest gadgets have the answers about blogging and communication instead of being associated with only books and out of date clothes.

Whenever l see new gadgets being produced l always try to think of the ways that they can be used in the library instead of relying on the same old machine which were used by our ancestors.

However l do not encourage libraries to go to the extreme and change themselves to a gaming centre just so that they can be seen as hip. We do not need to open vending machine and buy the latest games to be seen as cool we just need to adapt the technology which is available to make our work easier.