Thank you Dorkchops for nominating everyone let me try this one out.


  1. Share 10 things you love and 10 you hate
  2. Nominate up to 10 blogs to do the same


  1. I love watching tv in my blankets with the remote right next to my head.
  2. I love hanging out with my friends discussing an interesting topic and everyone is jumping in with their views and its utter chaos.
  3. I love watching wrestling with my family and we are all screaming at the tv.
  4. I love my family and friends because they are the best people a girl can ever ask for.
  5. I love singing in the shower loudly because it makes me feel like a super star.
  6. I love sad romance stories because thy make me smile even when l am crying.
  7. I love discovering new hobbies because they give me a chance to explore new things in my life.
  8. I love lying in the blankets while there is a storm outside complete with thunder and lightning.
  9. I love debating with people who are trying to prove my point wrong.
  10. I love blogging it gives me a chance to say whatever is on my mind.


  1. I hate it whenever Randy Orson wins in wrestling because he is sneaky and deceptive and totally ruthless.
  2. I hate condescending people who assume that they are smarter than everyone else.
  3. I hate people who disturb me when am watching tv and have already settled myself on the couch.
  4. I hate negative people who have nothing good to say about anything. To them L say isn’t being negative just so time consuming.
  5. I hate it when electricity suddenly goes while l am watching a series oooh that just makes me so angry.
  6. I hate it when series end with cliff hangers and l am supposed to wait three months for the new season. Supernatural l am glaring at you.
  7. I hate it when people wear sleeveless tops in public transport really people you sweat and dry yourselves on our clothes.
  8. I hate misplacing anything l end searching and obsessing over it, it ruins my day till l find it.
  9. I hate it when people chew their food with their mouths open and they are carrying a conversation with the whole table.
  10. I hate reading articles with gramma and spelling mistakes (I know l make them but l try really hard top correct my mistakes.)

Now l nominate you all to try out this challenge its loads of fun and you might even surprise yourself.

In addition write 5 things you just love to hate.