technophobia and librarianship the new dating couple

Three people walk into a club a librarian a pastor and a drunk……… that’s how there always start these jokes.

I don,t know about libraries all over the world but l think librarianship is the new place where laggards and haters of technology hang around. Libraries don’t want to embrace the pride found in other professions. We do not want to upgrade our areas and profession we are content being the subjects of sick perverted jokes and as threats to kids that if you fail you are might end up stuck as a librarian.

We need to glam up our profession and make it cool and hip. We should be the go to guys for everything cool and hip in technology. We the librarians should be the ones spotted with newest and flashiest gadgets have the answers about blogging and communication instead of being associated with only books and out of date clothes.

Whenever l see new gadgets being produced l always try to think of the ways that they can be used in the library instead of relying on the same old machine which were used by our ancestors.

However l do not encourage libraries to go to the extreme and change themselves to a gaming centre just so that they can be seen as hip. We do not need to open vending machine and buy the latest games to be seen as cool we just need to adapt the technology which is available to make our work easier.



Thank you Dorkchops for nominating everyone let me try this one out.


  1. Share 10 things you love and 10 you hate
  2. Nominate up to 10 blogs to do the same


  1. I love watching tv in my blankets with the remote right next to my head.
  2. I love hanging out with my friends discussing an interesting topic and everyone is jumping in with their views and its utter chaos.
  3. I love watching wrestling with my family and we are all screaming at the tv.
  4. I love my family and friends because they are the best people a girl can ever ask for.
  5. I love singing in the shower loudly because it makes me feel like a super star.
  6. I love sad romance stories because thy make me smile even when l am crying.
  7. I love discovering new hobbies because they give me a chance to explore new things in my life.
  8. I love lying in the blankets while there is a storm outside complete with thunder and lightning.
  9. I love debating with people who are trying to prove my point wrong.
  10. I love blogging it gives me a chance to say whatever is on my mind.


  1. I hate it whenever Randy Orson wins in wrestling because he is sneaky and deceptive and totally ruthless.
  2. I hate condescending people who assume that they are smarter than everyone else.
  3. I hate people who disturb me when am watching tv and have already settled myself on the couch.
  4. I hate negative people who have nothing good to say about anything. To them L say isn’t being negative just so time consuming.
  5. I hate it when electricity suddenly goes while l am watching a series oooh that just makes me so angry.
  6. I hate it when series end with cliff hangers and l am supposed to wait three months for the new season. Supernatural l am glaring at you.
  7. I hate it when people wear sleeveless tops in public transport really people you sweat and dry yourselves on our clothes.
  8. I hate misplacing anything l end searching and obsessing over it, it ruins my day till l find it.
  9. I hate it when people chew their food with their mouths open and they are carrying a conversation with the whole table.
  10. I hate reading articles with gramma and spelling mistakes (I know l make them but l try really hard top correct my mistakes.)

Now l nominate you all to try out this challenge its loads of fun and you might even surprise yourself.

In addition write 5 things you just love to hate.


Well if you thought people only got your job wrong and misunderstood well celebrate its a group of us. Now lets see what we think about other jobs.

Today l will let the memes say it on my behalf and it will be up to you to defend your jobs. Fun right.








event planner






musician unemployment

receptionist public-relations



The next time someone gets my job wrong l will just smile and laugh because l am the same assumptions about their jobs l do.

Don’t forget to comment and share so that we can laugh about how much we get it wrong. Till next time everybody. A shout out to Librariotypes If you have time please look through their blog its really awesome.




The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. What about a woman’s because l definitely don’t know. Make her smile with these cheesy pick up lines. Shockingly enough libraries are the new pick up spot try this one out.


che Even at the internet cafe you can still try out your moves.






Do you love athletics, marathons and sports. This one is definitely for you.cheeeeeeeee

cheeeeeeee Yes even nerds can make it rock.

cheeeee A reason to go out and eat fast food.

cheeee Harry Potter fans you might wish to try this one out.

cheee Never heard this one before but l doubt if it would really work.


worked Finally success the girl is laughing with you and is paying attention to you now you can make your move. Because l am all about equality women try it out l am sure good food and conversation can win the heart of any guy.



I AM SORRY I STOLE THIS QUOTE FROM MY FAVOURITE ADVERT. Honestly, l am one of those really negative people you can never get used to. I am the one most likely to spot the negative before l can admire the positives. It’s a curse l tell you and at first l was not sure how to change this negative trait of mine. Believe me l knew about it and tried to destroy it but it is practically impossible. I actually never noticed it till l was in my last year of high school and my friend called me out on it. I was truly shocked because we negative people never see that trait in us.mistake

My journey in learning how to admire the positives was a very difficult one. Believe me, I was eighteen, a teenager, waiting for my results and was very definitely single. There were not many positives in my life at that time. I challenged myself to say something good to my family, friends and even strangers at least once a day. It was hard.posi

Slowly, however it became a habit. I was able to compliment my sister on a well-fitting dress and be able to keep quiet about most of the negative things on the tip of my tongue. THERE is a difference between being negative and a genuine need to correct a wrong situation. A negative person will say that is an ugly dress paired with even ugly shoes. A genuine person will say try and pair that bright dress with shoes of a lighter colour. There is a big difference between the two l am slowly learning.

Now to the issue being discussed today, learning to see and admire the positives all around you. In our economic situation here in Zimbabwe it is practically impossible to see a brighter today, l won’t even talk about a brighter tomorrow. We are constantly shown the high unemployment rates which increase by the day. Recently, when l was talking to my sister who is about to graduate from university, she made a joke about the unemployment rate saying soon she and her friends will finally push the unemployment rate to 91%. I know it is sad.

You can become one of the people who can admire the positives in 3 simple steps.


Yes l want you to sit down and evaluate yourself and say 10 nice things about yourself. It might be hard at first and since no one is looking you might do this in the morning and be done with it. It is ok however soon you will start to think about even more nice things to say about yourself. Then slowly you will begin to say eleven things about yourself till you are comfortable with yourself. Step one is finally complete you can proceed to step two.mean to you


This is when it becomes hard. Admiring someone and saying something nice to them. I admit it’s a really tough one but slowly you will learn. In the Kombi compliment the stranger seated next to you. It can even be about their shoes find something nice about them. Regularly compliment your friends so that when they see you an automatic smile fills their faces.


Yes in that order find something nice about your city. Bulawayo is such a nice and calm place which gives you a chance to admire the trees. Notice l did not add BUT, OR, IF because those words kill a compliment. How would you feel if someone said your dress is nice BUT it would look better on your friend? That is what l am talking about learning to compliment. As tough as it may be, you might end up being one of those people able to look forward to each and every day.relax

In conclusion it is very easy to be negative all the time. It takes a lot of practice and effort to be nice to ourselves let alone our friends and strangers. I promise you the reward is worth all the effort you will put. Everyone be like this duck and chill in the ocean of positivity.

All pictures used in this article are not mine.




skinReading through Facebook today l came across a picture which said “beauty isn’t about having a pretty face. It is about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart, and most importantly a beautiful soul. Yes l am sure this is all true but what is beauty “a combination of qualities, such as shape, colour, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.” So now that we have that definition do you still agree with the above quote.

Can someone with a very good heart and pleasing actions be considered BEAUTYbeautiful? Ugly is defined as “unpleasant or repulsive, especially in appearance.” So do we have the right to call someone ugly if they do not appeal to our tastes?
Now that we have the definitions out of the way let us get to the real issue of today. Is beauty really just skin deep. Is it about getting great genes and having fabulous hair and a well-shaped body? I am sorry to say but yes. People should first get attracted to the face before they start digging in deeper. Do you want to get married to someone who will describe you to his friends as just having a good heart of course not? Even Uther in the series Merlin when he was married to a troll was still able to see its beauty. Though l must admit this is a bad example as he was under a spell.uther

What people forget is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder so what might seem ugly and unattractive to some people might actually be the fulfilment of a dream to others. One man’s meat is another man’s poison. Wow l am so full of clichés today. But honestly if we all had fixed beliefs on what constitutes a beautiful person it will be chaos for the few since everyone wants the best. So now l must ask you all is it really all in the face.beauut

For those who are couch potatoes like me who have watched this really nice series dating in the dark will agree that looks matter. The candidates are first given a chance to get to know each other by dating in the dark. Then science calculates the most compatible couples. Then finally the most important stage, the couples finally see each other BUT in one way mirrors so they make the final judgement. You cannot see the expression of the other. The final decision is based on everything you have witnessed but let us be honest the looks hold the most sway.

We humans have always been competitive maybe that is the basis for evolution. It might have become really fashionable to walk straighter and with less fur leading to evolution. Yes Karl Marx we humans evolved so that we could get beautiful. Yah fashion and competition led to evolution.

In conclusion people beauty is definitely skin deep. Just know that somewhere someone finds you incredible beautiful. So even if it is about the face your face rocks. However you are free to disagree with me if you think beauty is not skin deep.beaty



Growing up the trade fair was a special event.  It was a must to attend and to prove you were there you had to wear the tattoo. Yes l am talking about the face paint to signal that you were also there. Even now the trade fair is still a to-go event in my calender.

Any one who knows me will tell you that l love the trade fair. It is my high point of the year and in my opinion even better than Christmas. Yes l said it mingling and lost in those crowds admiring the sites that is definitely what l like about it

This year l was fortunate enough to go to the trade fair again. Believe me unlike the other years it was touch and go for a moment. Yes paying five dollars for the ticket almost killed me. I am a young girl who has to leave on a tight budget five dollars is not some spare change for me.fair

What l like most about the trade fair is how it brings Bulawayo to life. People come from all corners of Zimbabwe to enjoy this day as a family. It is a special event which draws crowds. Even us the Bulawayo people who love staying at home and hanging out with friends make an exception on this day.

Let me tell you this librarian enjoyed her day at the trade fair and though she got robbed (who pays two dollars for a picture) the toffee apple she enjoyed washed away all the worries she faces.

If only book fairs in Zimbabwe were so widely publicised and promised us delicious treats. We need to take a page from the ZITF mix business with pleasure it produces a very delicious cocktail.


Popular people are those able to identify a trend before it becomes to common. The only way to identify the latest trend is by being able to recognise the coolest things and nothing will ever be cooler than movies. Read and learn people.SO recently, while l was relaxing at home a friend felt pity for me and provided me with a dose of my favourite medicine. Yes TV l am a total couch potato. Seriously, as soon as l get home from the library l become a zombie for the TV. Believe me l know its not healthy but it can’t get any worse since l am already wearing glasses.sup

So watching supernatural which is now in season ten mind you gets me thinking on what the characteristics of a great series are.

It must have cliff hangers

Yes l am just a librarian what do l know about movie productions but believe me buddy l have watched enough movies to be able to tell you that everyone loves cliff hangers. Look at the series The Blacklist. It is very exciting and leaves you begging for more. Why? because you never know what Reddington will do and how Liz will react. Cliff hangers give us a chance to discuss what may happen and why.bla

It should take risks

Yes do not be afraid to remove anyone close to the main actor it leaves people guessing and curious for more. Lets take a look at Teen wolf they did not hesitate in removing Alison which l must admit blind sided me for a bit Sorry for the spoiler alert for those who have not watched season 3. I am not saying they must go crazy and remove Stiles because l will personally protest against it. How many of you will join the protest with me.ten

It should have a theme

Yes you need yo chose a genre. You cannot always be on the fence. Its either you are a comedy or a horror movie. If you try to be both you end up crashing like the infamous movie Scary movie 1 to 3. I really do not understand why they made so many series of it. The first movie was enough torture the only reason l managed to finish it all was because l was too lazy to change the channel. I have already agreed l am a couch potato.

Get attractive people

Does it sound vain and shallow yes of course, but it is true a movie or series that has attractive people will get a lot of views. Why do you think movie houses advertise posters. Yes to draw in the crowd. The film might be really boring but if we can admire the muscles, well l definitely would be back for more. Yes even men must agree that if the women are beautiful they would watch.thief

So for all those who are producers in the making or wondering how to make a killer series just follow these easy steps. Believe me once you get us the couch potatoes hooked you are set for life. relax

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